The Revolution

The Revolution takes airguns to the next level with its fast-fire semi automatic system. Wasted air is used to cycle the bolt and index the
magazine and along with a new 12-shot magazine it allows more shots while reducing the time between shots to zero! Due to the efficiency of
the semi-automatic system it’s extremely quiet without the use of any additional components.

The manual bolt lever enables the rifle to be safely loaded and refilled without any risk of misfire. Along the right side of the Revolution is a cleverly designed safety that prevents the semi-automatic rifle from firing. The Revolution is sure to supply rapid fire enjoyment along with single shot precision, and it stands alone with nothing in its class to compare with. Ambidextrous synthetic stock with adjustable bottle cover/check piece (length/angle). Recoil free.

NOTE: Energy stated in the info is maximum possible energy. Due to differences in regulations the rifle might be set to a lower energy, from 7,5 Joule and up. Contact your local dealer for more information.

Semi automatic cocking system

Semi automatic cocking system

Expansion chamber air return

Expansion chamber air return

Removable air cylinder, capacity 500 cc

Removable air cylinder, capacity 500 cc


Revolution / Syntetic

Revolution / Syntetic


Cocking systemSemi automatic

Magazine typeSpring tensioned magazine

• Adjustable rubber recoil-pad
• Ambidextrous (left/right)
• Adjustable bottle
cover/cheek piece

Calibre5,5 (.22)

BarrelFX Smooth twist
Match grade
Length 500 mm

Shot capacity

Approx 60 - 70 at
full power

Fill pressure

Max 220 bar (3200 psi)




11 mm dovetail
scope mount


½” UNF

Pressure gaugeYes

TriggerMatch trigger
Not adjustable

Velocity280 m/s • 930 ft/s

Energy40 Joule • 32 ft/lbs

Air capacity

500 cc

Air cylinder


Length1020 mm

Weight3,6 kg

ChargingQuick charge system MkI