The Indy Arrow

The FX Indy is one of the most dynamic air rifles to be developed. The Indy is based on the new Hybrid Bullpup platform with the integration of the FX self-contained compression pump system. This charging unit allows the gun to be filled while in the field. The result is a compact self-contained rifle that excels as a hunting and field rifle. The FX Indy can also be fitted with the extreme arrow shooting system for the ultimate in Flexibility for small or large game (The Indy Arrow).

This scope mounting system allows the scope to track with the barrel for the most in accuracy. The new Indy is a great choice for those extended trips into the field with clever features like a magazine holder in the stock, adjustable power, a large pressure gauge, and quiet muzzle report. The synthetic stock is finished with an all weather coating and an adjustable cheek piece for comfort and head position. The FX Indy is simply the best small, compact, self-contained power plant air rifle made today.

NOTE: Energy stated in the info is maximum possible energy. Due to differences in regulations the rifle might be set to a lower energy, from 7,5 Joule and up. Contact your local dealer for more information.

Indy Arrow

Indy Arrow


Cocking systemSidelever

• Adjustable recoil-pad


BarrelMatch grade

Shot capacity

Two shot at 280 f/s

Fill pressure

Max 220 bar (3200 psi)




11 mm dovetail
for scope

Pressure gaugeYes

TriggerAdjustable match trigger
(300-600 g)

Air capacity

Built in pump

Air cylinder

Not removable

Weight4 kg

ChargingQuick charge system MkII
or build in pump